Teacher Interview

Reporter: John Clancy

Interview with Ms McNerney: Teacher of Irish and Geography

What got you into teaching? 

I loved school, both primary and secondary. When I wasn’t at school at the weekend or during the holidays I played ‘school’ with my siblings. However as the youngest I was always the student and never the teacher, now I get to be the teacher all the time! (3 of my siblings are also now teachers!)  

I also had an excellent Irish teacher in secondary school and she definitely inspired me to become a teacher and of course inspired my love for Gaeilge! 

Do you enjoy teaching? 

I love teaching.  I love the variety, no two days are the same. Everyday is a school day and there is always something new to learn. But above all the students are really what make it so enjoyable.  

What are some of your hobbies or interests? 

Traveling, hiking, outdoors, reading, shopping! 

What subject do you prefer to teach? 


If you had to choose another job what would it be? 

A Travel blogger!


Panto Fun At BCCNS

Reporters: The Panto team!

It’s been flat to the mat in recent weeks as the BCCNS TYs worked tirelessly to prepare for an unmissable event in the BCCNS calendar… the annual TY Panto!

We have lots to report on over the next while when it comes to our show-stopping ‘Adrian, The Alternative Pantomine’ — but for now, we rounded up some of the key players involved to tell you what it was like being part of or helping out at this fantastic show.

Alanna Hogan, Dancer:

“The panto was a really good and enjoyable bonding experience for our year. It took a lot of time and dedication, but it was all worth it in the end when we presented the greatest show in BCCNS panto history!”

Aoife Byrne, Sleeping Beauty:

“The panto was a really good experience with all my friends that help us all to become more confident as we all went on stage. We all had so much fun.”

Jasmine Gohery, Prosecution:

“I really enjoyed being part of the panto it was an enjoyable experience. It took time and dedication but we had lots of fun along the way. I would definitely love to have the opportunity to do something like that again.”

Ella Flynn, Dancer:

“It was really brilliant to be part of the panto. It was a very exciting experience I loved every moment of it, I wouldn’t change a thing.”

Sean Daly, Lord Chamberlain:

“I loved doing the panto because I got to do a role in acting and I got to do a dancing role as well. It took us two months to complete and I loved every bit of it. I only learned my lines of the week before the show!!”

Alex Coonan, Set design and props:

“I loved doing my job in the panto because I got to get out of class! As well as that, painting the sets for me was the most enjoyable bit because it was very relaxing and there was no pressure on you by teachers or anything like that.”

Morgan Glynn, Pinnochio

“The panto was good, it was very enjoyable. It took up a lot of time but it ended up good fun.”

Evan Mannion, Jack:

“All the teachers and everyone involved especially Ms McDowell and Ms Dewane were very professional and helpful during the whole pantomime and we all had great enjoyment, the show, characters and the dances progressed more and more as the weeks went on it was a once in a lifetime opportunity and it was a great experience.”

TY News: Saving Lives

Reporter: Ella Flynn

First Aid              

It was an important day of learning for TY2 and TY4 as we did a first aid course on the 18th and 19th of January, under the expert guidance of Ray from the Dublin Fire brigade. We learned many vital skills, including how to do CPR, what to do when someone goes into cardiac arrest and what to do when someone is choking.

We practiced our newfound CPR skills on a dummy. We also watched some videos about people who have went into cardiac arrest and have survived. It was very clear to us that fast and effective first aid can be the key to someone pulling through one of these traumatic events.

My favourite part of the day was doing CPR on the dummy, it was really fun and it will definitely help me if I ever got into a situation where someone is in cardiac arrest. Overall I liked the day a lot, not only was it a new experience but it will also help me for the future.

Camogie Clash: BCCNS Vs Borris

Reporter: Shain Cleary 

Both teams started eager to go. This was a 11:30am throw in and Banagher win the throw in. Banagher started early with a good point from Fianait Dooley. Jasmine Gohary next won a free then followed by a wide ball by Niamh Sheedy. Then also followed up by 2 wides by Borris number 11 then Fianait Dooley’s free unfortunately goes wide. The tension around scoring really intensified. Suddenly, Borris’ number 14 scored an outrageous solo score. This propelled Borris forward as they rushed for a shot…soon blocked by a great save by Danni Turley. It was an end-to-end game for a few minutes until Banagher gets a goal and a point, and Borris also snuck in another score to end the half.  

Half time: BCCNS 1-3, Borris 1-4 

A great goal for Borris saw in the start of the second half. Ruth Kilkenny tackled down number 15 for Borris, but still managed to get a scrappy goal early in this second half. Sibeal McMahon was swapped off for Anna McDermott, then shorty after number 9 scores for Borris. Banagher quickly followed up with a Niamh Sheedy point from a 45 then Borris hit right back with a top corner finish – a brilliant goal. Borris sealed the win in the end after a very exciting second half.

Basketball Recap: Ursuline Thurles VS BCCNS

Reporters: Evan Mannion and Shane McDermott

1st Quarter 

Amber Gohery started off the scoreboard strong with a 2 pointer showing her great speed. Ursuline soon got their first score by a free throw. Caitlin Cooney scored a brilliant 2 pointer. Amber Gohery once again got on the scoresheet with a shot off the backboard. Amy Kenny got on the scoreboard just before we hit the end of tis lightning-fast first quarter with Banagher leading 12-5.

2nd Quarter 

Holly Sexton started strong for Banagher with a well-organised team score. Katie Rae soon added to the scoreline. Banagher really took over in the second quarter and got many well-deserved scores. Banagher won this one 20-9.

3rd Quarter 

Ursuline came out strong, heaping on the pressure. Fortunately Leah Kenny and Aoibhe Clarke showed lots of passion both getting scores and bringing great speed to the overall game. Leah Kenny further used the momentum to get another score. Emma McDermott closed the 3rd quarter with an impressive 1 point from the free throw line. 

4th Quarter 

Number 10 for Ursuline got a unbelievable long range 2 pointer and this called 3 scores in a row for Ursuline. However, it just wasn’t enough as Caitlin Cooney closed off the game for Banagher. This was a great win for the girls, which propels them further into the Midlands D League.


Reporters: Eilís McGarry and Ava Kenny

The latest TV shows, old and new, that our TYs are watching!

  1. Wild At Heart

The Trevanion family decide on givin their lives a fresh start by emigrating from England to South Africa to set up a game reserve for wild animals.

2. Heartbeat

A British police procedural set in the 1960s, where real-life and fictional locations and stories intersect with one another. A singular story takes place focused on a major incident.

3. Grey’s Anatomy

Surgical interns and their supervisors embark on a medical journey where they become part of heart-wrenching stories and make life-changing decisions in order to become the finest doctors.

4. Criminal Minds

An elite group of profilers analyse the nation’s most dangerous criminal minds to anticipate their next moves before they strike again.

5. Benidorm

Set in the popular Spanish seaside resort of Benidorm, a comedy series follows British holidaymakers as they soak up the sun and spend their hard-earned cash on the Mediterranean coast.

This Term in TY: Swimming

Reporters: Fionn O’Meara and Daniel Healy

This term, TYs are focusing on wellbeing with a trip every Tuesday to Birr Leisure Centre. Our first day of swimming took place on Tuesday the 10th.

Everyone got the option of between going to the pool or the gym. Most people chose to go to the pool. As well as the swimming pool itself, you could go to the sauna, steam room or the jaccuzi. It’s great to have a choice as you can really make the visit your own.

In the pool, we had a football and rings that you can dive down for. Up in the gym, people could lift weights or the use the variety of machines available.

After our session, we showered and changed and arrived back at school right on time.

It was hugely enjoyable and a valuable part of our curriculum so far. We are looking forward to going again.

A Day In The Life: TY Edition (Part 2)

Reporter: Ella Flynn

My day starts in the morning at 7:30am, I get up, have breakfast, brush my teeth and do my skincare. When I am finished that I get dressed for school and then walk down. 

I get to school at 8:40am. Once the bell rings I head to my first class. Today is a Tuesday so it is Geography. I like Geography. Next, I have Digital Literacy – this subject isn’t my favourite as I do not like doing gmetrix. Then it was break and I got something from the canteen. Next is SPHE, we usually work in groups. I really enjoy this, I think it is good to work in groups to hear other people’s opinions especially when we are debating a social issue or topic. Creative skills are next I love being in this class, we type up articles and post them on the Banagher Examiner!

After this I go to lunch and get food from the canteen. After lunch I go to History and then last class is Irish. 

I walk home, once I get there, I have my dinner, play with my dog and then I watch TV. I do some work if I get any that day, then I head to bed. Another day done!     

BCCNS Picks: Christmas Movies

Reporters: John Foley and Patryk Palka

  1. Home Alone

An eight-year-old troublemaker must protect his house from a pair of burglars when he is accidentally left home alone by his family during Christmas vacation. 

2. Nativity!

An uptight but secretly heartbroken primary school teacher’s little white lie about Hollywood coming to see his class’ nativity play grows like wildfire in his rag-tag school low on self-esteem.

3. Elf

Raised as an oversized elf, Buddy travels from the North Pole to New York City to meet his biological father, Walter Hobbs, who doesn’t know he exists and is in desperate need of some Christmas spirit. 

4. Deck The Halls

Two neighbors have it out after one of them decorates his house for the holidays so brightly that it can be seen from space. 

5. The Polar Express

On Christmas Eve, a young boy embarks on a magical adventure to the North Pole on the Polar Express, while learning about friendship, bravery, and the spirit of Christmas.

A Day In The Life: A BCCNS TY

Reporter: Ciarán Flynn

In honor of our upcoming Open Night, “A Day In The Life” is a feature which will follow the daily routine of a BCCNS student, year group or staff member. This week, Ciarán Flynn details the average day of a TY student.

My day starts in the morning at 06:50am, when I must get up from a well-deserved rest! I go for a shower, get dressed & have my breakfast eaten before the bus arrives to pick me up for school.  It is Tuesday today, and I am in Transition Year. Here is what a typical day for me is like at BCCNS.

I arrive at school at 08:40am and I go to my first class, which today is Geography. I like Geography, as a subject it is alright. Geography in TY can be more active, and I like it when we go on walks around the school or around the town. Next class, I have Digital Literacy, which in today’s world of social media and everything going digital, is very important. At 10:48 I have a short break for a morning snack and to sort out my stuff for next classes. After break, I go to SPHE – I like SPHE as it is a very good subject for showing the importance of wellbeing. Then my next class is…The Banagher Examiner! In this class, we type up news articles and post them on our very own student newspaper website. It is actually the class I typed this up in! It is a good way for us to report on what is going on around the school.

After working on some articles for the paper, I then head to the best class of the day…lunch. During lunch, I usually grab something tasty from the canteen and head outside to the yard. There is always something to do here. After lunch has been devoured and the bell rings, the end of the day is in sight.

Next I go to History. Personally I really like History. At the moment in TY, we get to read up on and explore old Irish history topics like the Famine, the 1916 Rising & Michael Collins etc. 

Then I’ve made it – my final subject of the day is Irish, I don’t really have an opinion on it, it can be easy for some people but for the rest it’s like a maze! Luckily, our school is also able to facilitate those who have trouble with reading, math’s, Irish or other topics they need help with during this class. It’s a helpful feature of our school.

After the day is over, I make my way out to the bus and go home to my dog, and just chill out for the evening.  One of the best parts of TY…not a lot of homework!